Most of the photographers in Lahore use on their service description that we are providing portrait photography, portfolio photography but regrettably, they even don’t exactly know what is this. If you want to be a professional photographer or as a customer you are going to hire any photography studio then you should know about this.

  • Commercial Photography

When a photographer captures a picture for any business use such as for product placement, merchandising, product catalogues pictures or some time for advertisement. This type of Photography also used for brochures, flyers and business cards.

You can also say that when an artist’s get paid just because of their pictures except for their artwork that is considered as commercial Photographic. It has various types that will be discussed on our other blog.

Uses of commercial photography

As its name defines itself. Businessman used it to sell a product. Companies have many products line with the tough competition. The presentation is the most vital thing to sell the product. It is the art of photographer that in which way he/ she capture a product and accordingly the advertiser present it in front of the targeted audience. This is also used to promote your service businesses.

Bridal Portrait photography

  • Portraits Photography

Before describing portraits photographic, first I need to clear you about the basic concept of portraits. When an artist represents any person face, the frame of mind and expression via photo, painting or carving that is considered as portraits. When a photographer captures any person picture with the use of heavy lights, backdrops and poses that is defined as portraits or portraiture photography. Backdrops are the sensitive thing in portraits that most of the cameraman failed to do. Its purpose is to beautify the look of the picture or to clear the background desolation.

Photoshoot poses that beautify the bridal appearance

Uses of Portraits Photography

The 70% of portraits photography is used for wedding coverage. It is held to cover particular events involves wedding photography Lahore, a best bridal photo shoot in Lahore, bridal photo shoot poses, school or universities event, studio photography and much more. Poses is the most important aspect of portraiture photography. In our next blog, we will describe you different poses that can help you to become the best model or professional model photographer